Write an Image to a SDCARD using Windows

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1 Introduction

Many releases for the i.MX platform which can be obtained from our release server are bootable SD-Card images.

This guide describes the process of writing these images to a SD-Card on a Windows PC (under Linux you would use the dd command).

2 Preparations

  • Download the SD-Card image from our server.
  • The downloaded file is usually in the bzip2 file format and needs to be uncompressed. 7Zip can be used if no suitable application is installed on your computer
  • You should end up with a much bigger *.bin file afterwards.
  • Make sure that your target SD-Card is big enough to contain this file
  • Download and unzip Image Writer for Windows (0.6 is used here)

3 Create SD-Card

  • Insert the SD-Card into your computer and check which drive letter it got assigned
  • Open Win32DiskImager.exe
    • Click the FileOpen Icon and select the unzipped .bin file
    • Select the letter of your SD-Card in the device drop-down menu
    • Double check if you have chosen the right drive! You may damage your PC or data otherwise.


  • Press write to start writing the image to the card. (This may take a couple of minutes)
  • After the Program is finished, you can eject your SD-Card.
  • Insert it into your target device, which should be able to boot from it when selecting the "Boot From SD-Card" boot mode
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