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The ToF-Flash is an IR illumination extension unit for depth sensors operating on the Time of Flight (ToF) principle such as the SentisToF-M100 and Argos3D-P100.


Quick Start Guide (QSG)

Hardware User Manual (HUM)

Compatible Cameras
Argos 3D - P100
In order to use the ToF-Flash together with the Argos3D-P100 please perform the following steps:
  • Connect the Sync cable between the camera and the ToF-Flash. Be aware that the cable is well connected.
  • Power the ToF-Flash
  • Power the Argos3D-P100
  • Write the value 0x5 to register address 0x30. This disables the internal illumination and enables the external one.

Sentis ToF - M100
In order to use the ToF-Flash with the Sentis-ToF-M100 you have to remove the mounted LED board and you have to mount an adapter instead. Please refer to the Hardware User Manual of the Sentis-ToF-M100 to see how to mount the Adapter. Once the Adapter is mounted you have to connect the Sentis-ToF-M100 with the ToF-Flash using the Sync cable. The ToF-Flash will be automatically enabled. No software changes should be necessary to enable the Flash.
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