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The TIMµP - 19k-S3 Spartan6 is based on PMD 19k-S3 Time of Flight IC. It has a FoV of 90° and achieves 160fps thanks to the Spartan 6 FPGA.

Product Page
Hardware User Manual
Software User Manual

On the following site you can found information about the Offset Calibration

The firmware binary files can be found in the download section.
Available firmware binaries
v0.0.0 (0x20052014): Initial release
v2.0.0 (0x19082014):
Changes from previous version:
Type Description
Feature ISM and USB data interface selectable via register.
Bugfix Issues with stalls at startup solved.
Feature Added separate 3rd order temperature compensation for TIM and LIM.
Feature Fast update registers now available via I2C and USB.
Feature Frames per second can now be set via an own register. Calculation of FrameTime and IntegrationTime are done automatically.
Feature Added error flags in usb acknowledge packets.
Feature Added firmware version register.
Feature Added distance offset handling.
Feature Added modulation frequency handling.
Modification Minor changes, please refer to the manual
Changes from previous version:
Type Description
Bugfix Linear temperature compensation fixed.
Modification Pin assignment for trigger in and trigger out adjusted to TIM standard.
Modification Delete regmap by registers.
Bugfix Behaviour on over-temperature changed.
Modification Enhanced stability in USB communication.

Hardware Support Matrix
The following table shows the compatibility list between different hard- and firmware versions.
Firmware Version 0x20052014 Firmware Version 2.0.0 (0x19082014) Firmware Version 2.3.1
Hardware v1.0 OK
Hardware v1.1 OK
Hardware v2.0 OK OK
LIM Support Matrix
The following table shows the compatibility list between different firmware and LIM hardware versions.
LIM-U-LED-850 v1.1 LIM-U-LED-850 v2.x
Firmware Version 0x20052014 OK OK
Firmware Version 2.0.0 (0x19082014) OK OK
Firmware Version 2.3.1 OK OK

The USB Version of the TIMµP - 19k-S3 Spartan6 can be accessed and controlled via the Bluetechnix 'Time of Flight' API

Changing the lense
The TIM module offers the possibility to change the lens to get different field of views (FoVs). More information can be found on: HOWTO change the TIM lens.

For software and driver downloads, please refer to the download section.

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact us at support@bluetechnix.com

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