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1 Product description

The Sentis-ToF-P510 camera was renamed to Sentis3D-M520. There is no difference between Sentis3D-M520 and Sentis-ToF-P510!

The Sentis3D-M520 (Sentis ToF-P510) is our first 3D + 2D combination depth sensor designed for integrating it into customers' environments. The sensor is based on a 160 x 120 pixels ToF IC and a 2D CMOS high resolution sensor. The smart depth sensor IC delivers depth information and grey value image data for each pixel simultaneously. The integrated 2D CMOS imager captures scenes with a resolution of up to 1080p. Therefore, it is possible to analyse scenes based on 3D depth data only or in combination with 2D data. The actual coverage is more than 10 meters indoor and up to 3 meters outdoor with a field view of 90°. A solid 2D and 3D data stream is provided by a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

2 Manuals

Quick Start Guide (QSG)

Hardware User Manual (HUM)

Software User Manual (SUM)

Earlier versions of manuals

Offset Calibration Guide: Offset Calibration

Lens calibration files: Download

3 Software Development Kits

Bluetechnix 'Time of Flight' API
The Sentis ToF-P510 is supported by our ToF API.
BltTofApi Matlab SDK
The Sentis ToF-P510 is supported by our Matlab SDK.
Pxxx Linux Development Package
The Sentis ToF-P510 is supported by the Pxxx Linux Development Package. Bring your custom application to the ToF device!

4 Interfacing and Demo Applications

There are some demo and interfacing applications available in our customer support package downloadable from the software page. (Old versions here.)

A powerful demo application featuring easy access to the camera's registers, display of multiple channels (depth, amplitude, color image), an OpenGL 3D model, and lots of other functions to get started with the Sentis ToF-P510 in no time.

5 Firmware

Camera firmware is part of each customer support package, downloadable from the software page. (Old versions here.)

Please see our Argos/Sentis Firmware Update guide!

Note: Firmware versions ≥ 0.7.0 require a baseboard hardware version of 1.2.x or later.

6 Support

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact us at

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