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1 Building Redboot with OpenEmbedded

There is a recipe for the RedBoot boot loader in the OpenEmbedded package database. Run

bitbake sbc-imx51-redboot

to build RedBoot. The files redboot.bin and redboot.bin_nopadding are placed into


after building.

Note that the SBC-i.MX51 images build RedBoot automatically.

2 Building Redboot without OpenEmbedded

In OpenEmbedded: Setting up the Bluetechnix OE Framework you should have cloned our Redboot repository by now. We will now build a bootloader.

  • Go to your development environment, then to your bootloader repository (in this example for the SBC-i.MX51)
cd ~/oe/
  • Run the set-paths-for-building script
. ./set-paths-for-building
  • Enter the build directory, then execute the script
cd build
  • This will build a lot of files, yet only two of them are of interest to us:
    • redboot.bin_nopadding - The bootloader being stripped of the padding at the beginning
    • redboot.bin - The bootloader containing the padding

3 Further documentation

We have summarized a short reference for Redboot.

The GIT repository also contains the Redboot documentation as it is provided by Freescale: /doc/redboot_mx51.pdf

Official website: [1]

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