Power Control (SBC-i.MX51)

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Power Control is handled by the MC13892 power management IC (PMIC).

1 Input voltage

Connect any voltage between 6V and 12V DC to the power plug. HW REV 2.1 allows up to 24V DC.

2 Power up/down

  • Power up
    • The SBC is automatically powered up if the input voltage is supplied.
    • If the board is in power off mode (e.g., after a shutdown in Linux), hit button S3 to power up the board again.
  • Power down
    • If Linux is up and running, you can hit button S3 to execute the command /sbin/shutdown -h now. This will shut down Linux cleanly.
    • Alternatively, type
shutdown -h now

in Linux to shut down the SBC. The PMIC shuts down all voltages after shutdown is complete.

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