Linux BSP customization for Qseven-i.MX537

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This document describes various specifics of the Qseven-i.MX537 (100-1500-X) module as far as the Bluetechnix MX53 Linux Board Support Package is concerned.

The Qseven-i.MX537 is supported since Linux BSP release 1.4.


1 Debug UART adapter

Qseven-i.MX537    V1.0

It is possible (actually recommended) to access the Qseven-i.MX537's debug UART (MX53 UART 1) which is available via an adapter/breakout cable.

  • Qseven-i.MX537 X3
    • Mating connector e.g. Erni nr. 124043
  • UART/USB or USB/RS232 adapter required


2 LTIB configuration

  • Start LTIB configuration
./ltib -c
  • Choose the correct U-Boot target
--- Choose your board for u-boot
    board (qseven-imx53)  --->
  • Set correct UBIFS/NAND flash parameters
--- Target Image Generation
Options  --->
 (512KiB) ubifs physical erase block(PEB) size
 (520192) ubifs logical erase block(LEB) size in Bytes
 (4096) ubifs maximum logical erase block(LEB) count
 (4096) ubifs minimum I/O unit size
 (1024) ubifs sub-page size

3 Deployment and boot modes

For deployment, you may use the Linux shell script as described in the MX53 Software User Manual.

For the Qseven-i.MX537, the following deployment methods are supported:

  • Boot from on-board SPI flash
Use the SD card to set up SPI flash (U-Boot update; Linux kernel) and NAND flash (root file system), then boot from SPI flash
  • Boot from USB/UART
You may use e.g. the MfgTool for mass production.

4 U-Boot configuration and implementation files

The U-Boot configuration file for the Qseven-i.MX537 is at


U-Boot build target:


The implementation of module support is at


5 Linux configuration and implementation files

Linux Kernel configuration option:

System Type  --->
  Freescale MXC Implementations  --->
    [*] Support Bluetechnix Qseven-i.MX537 module-->

NOTE: By default, the Linux kernel is configured to support all Bluetechnix MX53 modules. The kernel decides at runtime which module it runs on, depending on the machine ID it gets from the U-Boot boot loader.

The platform file for the Qseven-i.MX537 is at:


6 NAND flash ECC information

The i.MX53 uses 16-bit ECC for MT29F16G08ABACA (4KiB page, 224 spare, of which 218 are used); Minimum ECC according to NAND's datasheet is 8 bit.

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