Known Issues (SBC-i.MX51)

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The following is a list of known issues (and their solutions) for the Bluetechnix SBC-i.MX51

1 Revision 2.1

1.1 USB is operating in bus-powered mode

Currently, the USB Hub is operating in bus-powered mode (thus limiting current based on the consumption of attached devices). To allow for higher power requirements you will need to switch the USB hub to self-powered operation. This can be done by changing the position of the resistors as depicted below (move the resistors to the positions indicated in green, remove the resistors marked with a green X). After changing the positions to the green marked positions the USB hub will run in self powered operation mode and will ignore strapping options. This will be corrected in revision 2.2.

1.2 I2C-1 pullups could be overdimensioned

In certain cases the I2C pullups are overdimensioned. In such cases, certain voltage might not be available since the i.MX51 cannot communicate with the power management IC (MC13892). A fix for this issue is provided by replacing two resistors (currently populated: 4k7, new value: 1k5). This will be fixed starting with revision 2.2 and all devices delivered after 2011/08/22.

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