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1 I receive an ETH Watchdog / Timeout Error message whilst booting

There are a few solutions to this. Actually it depends on which components you want to use. The Ethernet Interrupt is Shared with UART2. A resistor on the core module might need to be changed (Resistor - Cross). Alternatively, enter the Kernel Configuration and change the setting "System Type -> Freescale MXC Implementations -> MX3 Options -> BT iMX31 IRQ from Ethernet on UART2 GPIO". As mentioned, what you have to do depends on which part you want to use. The Resistor setting must match der Kernel selection mentioned.

2 I receive an NFS Server not found message

You probably forgot to set the IP configuration settings. You need to set them both in the bootloader by entering the bootloader and running the setenv commands described in the setup guide in this wiki. Furthermore, you need to change them in the kernel configuration. This is described in the setup guide as well.

3 The keypad test application doesn't recognize key presses

It could be that the wrong event interface was assigned to the keypad. This can have different reasons.

  * The touchscreen was compiled directly into the kernel, whereas the keypad was compiled as a module. In this case, compile both devices into the kernel directly (select Y in the kernel configuration for the mxc keypad and the touchscreen device). This makes sure that the keypad gets event0 and the touchscreen is event1. This is the way, all test tools expect it to be.
  * You compiled the keypad as a module but forgot to load it into the kernel. Run modprobe mxc_keyb to fix this and make sure, the keypad is listed as /dev/input/event0.

4 gstreamer package doesn't work

Due to some (yet) unresolved problems, the gstreamer package won't compile. To fix this problem, run the following commands after you get the first error message:

cp /opt/gnome/bin/glib-genmarshal /usr/bin
cp /opt/gnome/bin/glib-mkenums /usr/bin
cp /home/dev/ltib5/rpm/BUILD/gstreamer-0.10.12/win32/common/gstenumtypes.h /home/dev/ltib5/rpm/BUILD/gstreamer-0.10.12/gst
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