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1 Windows CE 6.0 FAQ

1.1 Installation of Multimedia Codecs

  • Install the Windows CE BSP you received for the SBC-i.MX51
  • Download the Multimedia Codec File WCE600_MX51-EVK_10.04_01_ER_MM.zip from the Freescale Website
  • Install the Multimedia Codecs as described in the Freescale documentation, when asked to choose a path, select C:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\SBC-i.MX51\SRC\Multimedia
  • You will receive an error message regarding a pbcxml file which cannot be found, disregard
  • Go to project properties, add a new variable "bsp_watermark" and set it to "1"
  • Go to project properties, add a new variable "_tgtarm" (mind the underscore!) and set it to "arm12"
  • Start Visual Studio (if it is open, close it first) and go to "Catalog Items View"
  • In CORE OS -> CEBASE -> Graphics and Multimedia Technologies -> Media select
    • Direct Show
    • Media Formats -> MPEG1 Parser / Splitter
    • Media Formats -> AVI Filter
    • Audio Codecs and Renderers -> Wave/AIFF/au/snd File Parser
  • In Third Party -> Multimedia -> Freescale i.MX51 EVK MMSDK select all subitems
  • Run a SYSGEN to build the new image

2 NAND / Bad blocks

Basically a NAND device allows for a few defective blocks even after manufacturing. To handle these blocks, they are generally refered to as "bad blocks", the NAND device driver in Windows CE and Linux use different methods. While Linux uses a method called "Bad Block Table", Windows uses a method called BBI. This results in Windows CE thinking all NAND blocks are defective after writing a Linux image onto the NAND flash and vice versa. To solve this problem you need to unmark these bad blocks, then perform a new scan for bad blocks with the appropriate method (EBOOT will format them for WinCE, Redboot will format them for Linux). To perform this procedure, enter EBOOT, select N (NAND flash management), then select 4 (Erase block range) and select all blocks from 0 to 2045. If you select Erase flash, the bad block table will not be rebuilt and thus result in still having many bad blocks. After this procedure, you will be able to flash XLDR/EBOOT/NK to nand flash.

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