Ethernet (CM-i.MX27)

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1 SMSC LAN9221 (on DevBoard)

1.1 Remarks

  • If you disconnect power from the DEV board and re-connect power within less than 3 seconds, the LAN9221 chip will not be detected correct by Redboot.

2 Redboot

If IP configuration via BOOTP is set in Redboot, then the primary Ethernet device is tried first. If this fails, Redboot will automatically switch to the alternate one. You can set the primary Ethernet device with fconfig, as well as MAC addresses for each device.

2.1 Test

  • Connect jack ETH-CM for testing the FEC or ETH2 for testing the SMSC chip and power up the board.
  • Ping a device:
ping -n 3 -h [ip addr] -r 10 -v
  • Download a file:

see the [SDRAM test] where we download a file two times and compare the content

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