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Blackfin Core Module eCM-BF609

This site section is valid for the following Core Modules:

Order No. Product name
100-1217-1 eCM-BF609-C-C-Q25S256F8
100-1218-1 eCM-BF609-C-I-Q25S256F8

The Core Module eCM-BF609 is optimized for performance and parallel data processing. The module integrates processor, DDR2 SDRAM, flash, Ethernet PHY and power supply at a size of 44x33mm! It is based on the latest high performance dual-core processor ADSPBF609 from Analog Devices. The ADSP-BF609 integrates a co-processor unit to accelerate signal and image algorithms (i.e. for pre- and co-processing of video frames in ADAS applications). The eCM-BF609 is designed for industrial and commercial applications. It addresses 256MByte DDR2 SDRAM via its dedicated DDR2 interface and has an onboard SPI flash of 8MByte. Most of the ADSP-BF609’s pins are available on the Core Module connectors for maximum flexibility during system design.

Supporting development board
Hardware Manuals
Revision Report
eCM-BF609 uClinux Software User Manual
Binary Files
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