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1 How to enable the splash screen

By default, the splash screen is disabled by the kernel argument


To enable it, simply delete this string from the list of kernel arguments (Redboot!)

2 Exchange the picture

We assume that you have ready a .png image with the same dimensions as your screen resolution.

Change to the following directory:


and execute the following:

./ [your-image].png HAND

This will create a file called [your-image]-img.h. Now replace the old psplash-hand-img.h in the same directory by your newly created file:

mv psplash-hand-img.h psplash-hand-img.h_orig
mv [your-image]-img.h psplash-hand-img.h

Now go to your btmxc directory and rebuild psplash-angstrom and your image:

cd ~/oe/btmxc/
. oeenv
. bitbakeenv
bitbake -c clean psplash-angstrom sbc-imx51-console-image
bitbake sbc-imx51-console-image

That's it!

3 Acknowledgment

Thanks to Alex Nancekievill for these instructions!

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