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The Core Module CM-i.MX53 is based on Freescale’s next generation, high-performance, power-efficient, consumer multimedia applications processor i.MX53. This processor features OpenGL® ES 2.0 and OpenVG™ 1.1 hardware accelerators, a multi-format HD1080p video decoder and a HD720p video encoder hardware engine, dual display capability, a SATA controller, IEEE1588 time-stamping and numerous serial interfaces (SDIO, SPI, I2C, UART). Further features are integrated security solutions, USB 2.0 controllers, Ethernet controller and simultaneous camera inputs. The Core Module is available for both, commercial and industrial temperature range. It addresses 1GByte DDR2-SDRAM, has an onboard NAND-flash of 2GByte and an additional SPI NOR-flash of 4MByte.

The state of the art i.MX53 SoC in combination with the outstanding integration of several peripheral controllers, memory and voltage control, turn the CM-i.MX53 into a high-performance embedded platform for your future applications.

Supporting development board
Hardware Manuals
Revision Report
i.MX53 Linux Software User Manual
Please read here for customizing the Linux BSP for your CM-i.MX53 module
Please read here if you are using a DEV-i.MX53 development board
Please read here if you are using an Argos®2D A100 camera board
Inflexion UI by Mentor Embedded
Qt Embedded
Binary Files
Supported by Development Studio 5 (DS-5)
MfgTool (Manufacturing tool by Freescale)
Lauterbach Debugger
PEEDI Debugger
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