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Introducing the newest Blt ToF Suite. It supports all existing BECOM Systems' ToF products.



User manual Binaries Installer Comments
v5.6.0 BltTofSuite v5.6.0
v5.0.0 User manual BltTofSuite v5.0.0_incl_redist2017 With this version the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 is no longer needed
v5.0.0 User manual BltTofSuite v5.0.0
v4.1.0 User manual BltTofSuite v4.1.0 BltTofSuite_v4.1.0 installer

After downloading a zip file, before unpacking it, make sure it is not blocked by Windows: Unblock downloaded zip file
(Otherwise the application will not be able to load its libraries (dll's))

2 Release notes

2.1 v5.6.0

Changes since V5.0.0


2.2 v5.0.0

Changes since V4.1.x

  • Improved tools: Visualizer, Downloader and Model3d
  • Improved user interface
  • Device discovery (only supported by certain devices)
  • Uses the newest BltTofApi
  • Common executable for 32bit and 64bit windows systems
  • Supports Win7 and Win10


  • .Net framework >= v4.7.2
  • On Win7: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017


  • If dynamic libraries (.dll) cannot be loaded you may have a permission problem. Please follow these steps: Unblock downloaded zip file

2.3 v4.1.0

Changes since V3.x.x

  • An all new Visualizer
    • Variable number of shown channels
    • Filtering by sequence number
    • Pause function
    • Better performance
    • Color scale visualization
    • Histogram
    • Variable number of register fields
  • Frame grabbing
  • Replay of bltstream files with more replay options
  • The new Bluetechnix ToF Logger (read about its usage in "Bluetechnix ToF Suite V4.1.0 - SUM Logger.pdf" included in the downloaded package)
  • Device discovery (only supported by certain devices)
  • Improved register dumping to file and writing registers from file
  • Uses BltTofApi v2
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