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1 Product description

Product Page

The Argos 3D – P310 is a depth sensor developed for the use in tough environments. The housing with its protective class IP 44 covers the hardware from dust and water and facilitates the installation outdoor and in harsh environments.

2 Manuals

Quick Start Guide

Hardware User Manual

Software User Manual

Offset Calibration Guide: Offset Calibration

Lense Calibration Guide: Lens Calibration Guide

3 Bluetechnix 'Time of Flight' API

The Argos3D - P310 is supported by our ToF API.

4 Software



Argos3D - P310 Update Guide: Argos 3D - P310 Firmware Update

5 Interfacing and Demo Applications

There are some demo and interfacing applications available on our customer software package CD downloadable from the software download.

A powerful tool where all registers can be read and written and which shows the amplitude and distance image. It can also be used as a getting started tool to get familiar with the Argos3D-P310.

6 Download

For additional software downloads, please refer to the software download.

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact us at

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