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The Argos3D-P23x is a new depth sensor operating on the Time-of Flight (ToF) principle. Using active IR illumination, the sensor is able to capture 3D information. With a range of 3.5 m indoors, a field of view of 80° and a size of only 173 x 65 x 46 mm, this fast Ethernet connected sensor can be used for next generation sensor systems in various applications. The small form factor and flush mount option in combination with the new ToF technology makes this camera a perfect choice for people counting and security applications as well as kiosk systems.

For more detailed specifications, visit the P230 and P231 product pages.

1 Software

Blt ToF Suite
A powerful application featuring easy access to the camera's registers, display of multiple channels (depth, amplitude, color image), an OpenGL 3D model, and many other functions to get started with your camera in no time.
Using the ToF API, camera registers and the data stream can be accessed via C/C++ scripts.

2 Manuals and Support

Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide contains instructions for connecting the camera to a power supply and a PC.
Hardware User Manual
The Hardware User Manual provides technical details concerning the camera hardware, including connector specifications and the measurement performance.
Software User Manual
The Software User Manual provides technical details concerning the camera software, including data formats and register descriptions.
ToF User Guide
The ToF User Guide provides guidelines for optimizing the 3D data obtained by the camera.
ToF Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions cover topics such as network connection issues and noise or artefacts in the data
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