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1 Product description

Product Page

The Argos3D-P230 is a 3D ToF camera based on the TIM-UP-IRS1125 module from Bluetechnix. It supports GBit Ethernet as data and configuration interface.

2 Manuals

Quick Start Guide(QSG)

Hardware User Manual(HUM)

Software User Manual(SUM)

3 Bluetechnix 'Time of Flight' API

The Ethernet interface of the Argos3D-P23x is supported by our ToF API.

4 Interfacing and Software Support

The SDK, demo interfacing applications and tools can be found in the software package downloadable from the download section.

A powerful tool where all registers can be read and written and which shows the amplitude and distance image. It can also be used as a getting started tool to get familiar with the Argos3D-P23x. The BLT-ToF-Suite is included in the support package available at the download section.

5 Software Section

Additional software and information can be found at the software section

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact us at

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