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The upcoming Argos® camera platform stands for state of the art processor technology combined with outstanding image processing software to build a modular, intelligent embedded camera system integrated into a smart housing with high quality optics. This platform grows with the market demands due to its System-on-Module (SOM) based hardware design. The housing stays the same whereas the processing hardware can be exchanged. The first hardware release is based on Bluetechnix’ latest ADSP-BF561 SOM called CM-BF561.

Quick Start
Argos®2D D100 Quick start
Product description
Argos®2D D100 Camera
Image Sensor Modules
Hardware Manuals
Accessing files
Flashing a Blackfin Core Module

Getting started example:

Argos®2D D100 example

BLACKSheep VDK Software:

BLACKSheep VDK Software
Argos®2D D100 Board Support Package

NOTE: Software development and commercial usage of BLACKSheep® OS requires a registered and licensed version of BLACKSheep® OS.

BLACKSheep® OS Licensing
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