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The upcoming Argos® camera platform stands for state of the art processor technology combined with outstanding image processing software to build a modular, intelligent embedded camera system integrated into a smart housing with high quality optics. This platform grows with the market demands due to its System-on-Module (SoM) based hardware design. The housing stays the same whereas the processing hardware can be exchanged. The first hardware release is based on Bluetechnix’ latest i.MX53 SoM called CM-i.MX53.

Quick Start
Argos®2D A100 Quick start
Product description
Argos®2D A100 Camera
Image Sensor Modules
i.MX53 Board Support Package
The Argos®2D A100 software is based on the Linux Board Support Package for the CM-i.MX53 SoM.
→ Read the Board Support Package User Manual (Firmware building, i.MX53 codecs support, Image Sensor Module device drivers, GStreamer installation)
Additional information for using an Argos®2D A100 Camera
Argos®2D A100
Argos®2D A100 Demo Software User Manual
Argos®2D A100 Programmer's Guide
New! Argos®2D A100 Surveillance Demo Application
Turn your Argos®2D A100 camera into a Surveillance Camera. (Released under the BSD license.)
Surveillance App User Manual
Surveillance App Developer's Guide
Software download site
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