Additional Equipment (SBC-i.MX51)

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This page shows additional equipment you might need or want when using the SBC-i.MX51. Most equipment listed here is not mandatory and it is likely you already have most of it lying around your work table.


1 Available from everywhere

  • Power Supply (usually 12V @ 1A although other voltages are possible as well - see: Power Control (SBC-i.MX51))
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-B for the terminal connection)
  • Network Cable
  • Headset (when using Audio features, uses 2 x 3.5mm jacks)
  • HDMI cable + monitor with one available HDMI or DVI (adapter) connector.
  • Cable which can be used for USB-OTG (Mini-USB-A or Mini-USB-B depending if you want the SBC-i.MX51 to be used as host or device)

2 Available from Bluetechnix

  • EXT-SBC-i.MX51-EXP - Experimental board for the SBC-i.MX51
  • EXT-SBC-i.MX51-COMM - Display/Camera/BT/GPS/GSM board for the SBC-i.MX51
  • EXT-SBC-i.MX51-DISP - Display/Camera extension board for the SBC-i.MX51

3 Antennas for EXT-SBC-i.MX51-COMM extension board

  • GPS/GPRS antenna: Farnell, order nr. 1735194
  • Bluetooth antenna: Farnell, order nr. 1518275

4 More advanced equipment

  • JTAG device, e.g., PEEDI from Ronetix (we have a working configuration for this device) or some solution from ARM. Yet this is not required since the device is able to boot from SD Card or using the ATK tool from Freescale.
  • Multimeter
  • Scope
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