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1 How to configure a P3xx ToF camera for low and high reflective targets (HDR)

A often occurring situation is that in the scene are different reflective targets, where it is not possible to find one matching integration time. For this situation the combine mode was introduced. The basic intention is to make 2 or more sequences and combines them to one good illuminated frame.

2 How to configure a P3xx ToF camera for high ambiguity range with high accuracy (HAM)

Whenever large distances are important the problem of lower accuracy occurs. Therefor our ToF cameras have the High Accuracy Mode (HAM) where large distances and high accuracy is possible. The principle of this mode is to take 2 sequences, one with low modulation frequency and one with high modulation frequency. The low frequency covers the large ambiguity range and the high frequency is used for high accuracy over the whole ambiguity range of the low frequency.

3 How to configure a P3xx ToF camera with HDR and HAM

With these two modes the ToF camera provides the best quality of depth data at the cost of frame rate. In the combination of these two modes for each frame 4 sequences are taken, so the frame rate is quartered.

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