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Warning: Windows 7 64Bit is currently not supported

1 Quick Installation Guide

The VDSP++ Configurator from Bluetechnix does not work under Windows 7, here is a mini how-to to manually install the drivers

Tested with:

  • VDSP++ 5.0 Update 8
  • Windows 7 Professional 32Bit
  • CM-BF561 on DEV-Bf5xx-DALite 5.1.1

2 Instructions

  • Get the most recent from the web or your support CD
    • Unpack it
    • in the folder there are severall .reg files. Double-click the files for the CoreModules you want to use. e.g. bluetechnix_cm-bf561_V5.0.reg for a CM-Bf561. You should get a Registry Key successfully added message
  • Connect the USB port of the Debug Agent with your PC
    • Windows will ask for a driver, point windows to the folder with the unpacked files.
  • Start ADI's VisualDSP++ Configurator, usually located at Start-> Analog Devices -> VisualDSP++ Configurator
    • In the platforms tab click on New..
      • In the window now opening select Bluetechnix...(depends on your CoreModule) as Type.
      • Assign a name to the platform and press OK
  • Start VDSP++
    • Create a new Session
      • Select your Processor and EZ-KIT lite as Connection Type
      • In the select Platform dialog select the previously created platform (You might have o restart VDSP++ after creating the platform in the Configurator)
  • Voilà - You're done!
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