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Blackfin Core Module CM-BF533

This site section is valid for the following Core Modules:

Order No. Product name
100-1203-2 CM-BF533-C-C-Q25S32F2 (CM-BF533)
100-1206-3 CM-BF533-C-I-Q25S32F2 (CM-BF533-I)
100-1208-3 CM-BF533-C-C-Q27S32F2 (CM-BF533-27MHz)

The CM-BF533 is a high performance and low power processor core module incorporating Analog Devices Blackfin family of processors. It is the lowest cost member of the Blackfin family and may be used as a very powerful co-processor or in a standalone application. The module allows easy integration into high demanding very space and power limited applications.

Hardware Manuals
Revision Report
Blackfin Common Software Page
Pre-compiled uClinux images
uClinux Getting Started documentation

For downloading binary and configuration files regarding the Core Module please see our download section.

The following table shows the available files for the Core Module:

Available file Free for all BLACKSheep® OS customers only
BLACKSheep® OS binaries
Flash Tool Driver
Init code
Second Stage Loader
VDSP++XML files
VDSP++ Configurator
full access to basic extender board examples

(single threaded)

full access to BLACKSheep® OS source codes

(multi threaded)

full access to BLACKSheep® OS projects

(multi threaded)

full access to BLACKSheep® OS initialization projects

(multi threaded)

full access to advanced extender board examples

(multi threaded)

latest board support packages (BSPs)

(multi threaded)

Blackfin, Blackfin Getting Started, BLACKSheep, BLACKSheep Getting Started

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