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! Installer
! Installer
! Comments
! Comments
! [[Blt ToF Suite#v5.7.0|v5.7.0]]
| [ User manual]
| [ BltTofSuite v5.7.0]
! [[Blt ToF Suite#v5.6.0|v5.6.0]]
! [[Blt ToF Suite#v5.6.0|v5.6.0]]

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Introducing the newest Blt ToF Suite. It supports all existing BECOM Systems' ToF products.



User manual Binaries Installer Comments
v5.7.0 User manual BltTofSuite v5.7.0
v5.6.0 BltTofSuite v5.6.0
v5.0.0 User manual BltTofSuite v5.0.0_incl_redist2017 Since this version the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 is no longer needed
v5.0.0 User manual BltTofSuite v5.0.0
v4.1.0 User manual BltTofSuite v4.1.0 BltTofSuite_v4.1.0 installer

After downloading a zip file, before unpacking it, make sure it is not blocked by Windows: Unblock downloaded zip file
(Otherwise the application will not be able to load its libraries (dll's))

2 Release notes

2.1 v5.6.0

Changes since V5.0.0


2.2 v5.0.0

Changes since V4.1.x

  • Improved tools: Visualizer, Downloader and Model3d
  • Improved user interface
  • Device discovery (only supported by certain devices)
  • Uses the newest BltTofApi
  • Common executable for 32bit and 64bit windows systems
  • Supports Win7 and Win10


  • .Net framework >= v4.7.2
  • On Win7: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017


  • If dynamic libraries (.dll) cannot be loaded you may have a permission problem. Please follow these steps: Unblock downloaded zip file

2.3 v4.1.0

Changes since V3.x.x

  • An all new Visualizer
    • Variable number of shown channels
    • Filtering by sequence number
    • Pause function
    • Better performance
    • Color scale visualization
    • Histogram
    • Variable number of register fields
  • Frame grabbing
  • Replay of bltstream files with more replay options
  • The new Bluetechnix ToF Logger (read about its usage in "Bluetechnix ToF Suite V4.1.0 - SUM Logger.pdf" included in the downloaded package)
  • Device discovery (only supported by certain devices)
  • Improved register dumping to file and writing registers from file
  • Uses BltTofApi v2
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